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ATARI Builders are a construction company located and centered in Los Angeles. There are many benefits that come with choosing us as a company. With ATARI Home Builders, we provide excellent services with quality work, good service, and timely construction jobs. We offer a variety of services that can be best suited for every need and wish you may have for your home. We have been operating in the Greater Los Angeles area for over two decades now, and we want to continue our legacy that we’ve built by continuing to complete quality and professional construction jobs. We make sure to inspect every aspect of each detail of any project, ensuring that our client’s voices and design wishes are heard and met. When you decide to go with ATARI Home Builders, you are choosing a company that operates and creates what you want. We are here to listen to you, and to bring your design and dreams to life. You are choosing a company that values their customers wishes, that cares about what the final outcome will be, and that does every job the best it can possibly be. Start by calling us today for a free design consultation, and go from there!

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Design- We design your homes and work alongside you step-by-step to ensure that you love the project before it’s even started. We value our client’s feedback and vision and make sure to involve it every step of the way. At ATARI, we are consumer friendly, and we make sure that once we have your vision, your life won’t be disrupted by our fast and professional work. As a new and innovative way to bring your vision to life, ATARI utilizes 3D design techniques so that you can see exactly what we are planning for you.


We begin building and bringing your vision to life. At ATARI we ensure that the job we do is done with the utmost safety and reliability. We provide an honest timeline during our design step, and do everything we can to ensure schedule reliability. Our professional workers will work their hardest to make sure that your designs are curated to your perfection. They do quality work and create quality products that you will love.


This is your job. After we’ve completed our work to ensure that your requests are completed in a timely manner and just the way you wanted it, it is now your job to enjoy the end results. Whichever service you requested, whether it be whole-house remodeling, specific rooms or additions, or anything, now that we’ve finished, you get to enjoy the final step.

We involve these steps so that every job we complete is curated to each of our clients best wishes and desires. Throughout each step we involve precision, accuracy, and friendly service. We ensure that each job is done from A to Z, making sure that every little detail is worked on. At ATARI, we value client-company relations, and ensure that we will discuss with you everything that you need and want to hear to make sure there is trust and honesty for the remodeling of your next project.

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